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Medicare Coverage

Understand your Benefits

Medicare can be complicated, and in most cases an overwhelming program for our seniors. However, it is very important to understand this benefit as it will be the vehicle that provides healthcare for many from this point forward.

It is fundamental to understand that Medicare is a benefit you have earned. Medicare beneficiaries have paid and continue paying, for this benefit. Therefore, it is not an automatic benefit, much less a subsidy for our seniors as some may think.

Understanding your Medicare rights is of the outmost importance and why INSURANCE CONNECTION  is committed to ensuring our clients receive a thorough explanation.


Part A (also known as Hospital Coverage) is paid, for the most part, by you and your employer. It has been taken of your paid check thru your working lifetime. If you were self-employeed, you also paid for it when doing your taxes.

Therefore, for the most part, you don't have to pay an extra premium for it.


Part B (also known as Medical Coverage) does have a monthly premium, normally paid by the beneficiary and normally taken from the social security check. 

The premium may vary depending on when the individual retired. As of 2020, the current premium is $144.60. Some people may qualify for one or more of their state's Medicaid program, which may allow them to save that monthly premium.

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